Purchasing information

Purchase:Coke, anthracite powder, fluorite, lime, electrode, refractory and other products

Contacts:Li Weijie

Contact number:0573-88181798、0573-88181758

Purchase:Ferronickel, ferrochromium, ferromolybdenum, silicon manganese alloy products

Contacts:Fang Ping

Contact number:0573-88181798

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Bidding Information

1.Procurement project name:procurement and installation of high and low voltage  

                         distribution equipment

2. Content and requirements:

 I. Content: procurement and installation of high and low voltage distribution


 II. technical requirements: the details are in the bidding documents.

 III. Bid bond: RMB 50 thousand yuan

Bidders should bid for all content, not only part of the contents.

3. Qualification of Suppliers:

 I. The bidder shall have the qualification for installation of electric power facilities;

 II. The bidder must be registered legal person in China with legal capacity of

   independent civil liability;

 III. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, bidders should

fully understand the requirements, bidders are required to conduct site survey

to confirm within 7 days after the registration, bidders should provide the

original site survey certificate given by purchasing user side, or it is invalid;  

 IV. This project does not accept confederate bid.

4.Construction site: designated place of Huamei New Materials Co.,Ltd of Zhenshi

                 Group, No. 2133, Development Road, Wutong Street,


5. Deadline: 15:00 p.m., November 25th 2016

6. Bid opening time: 9:30 November 28th 2016

7. Place: 11 floor conference room in science and technology building of Zhenshi

       Holding Group Co.,Ltd, No.708, Chongfu Road, Wutong Street, Tongxiang

8. Contacts: Li Guoquan, tel: 0573-88136588, fax: 0573-881

Zhenshi recruitment: At present a total of 0 2 0 vacant posts.