At the beginning, stone is the bone of the world

Support the world, not tired of bearing everything, feed everyone

Stone has five features, benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, courage, virtuousness

Zhenshiers firmly believe that the enterprise is people

Every step of our growth, is in the shape of complete Zhenshi “personality”

Regard the quality of stone as foundation, Zhenshi is what it is today

Zhenshi, with stone features, creates a evergreen road


The clear stream, because the springhead

Innovation is the driving force for development of Zhenshi,  is the essence of Zhenshi culture

It is innovation, and always adhere that innovation has no end

That Zhenshi can handle the changeable life

Innovation is a kind of tolerance

Before all rivers run into sea, surging trend

Abandon past and maintain new, Zhenshi did a great job

Zhenshi is a piece soil of nurturing philosophy and innovative spirit

Adopt advantages, Zhenshi has the spirit of ”to be the first”.


Worry first, have a tough character

Be reponsible, is the concept of Zhenshier

Zhenshi, never only focuses on pure profit growth

We advocate enterprise development and social, personal synergy

Insist to give back to society

Show value of Zhenshi in the contribution


Do not climb mountains, do not know the sky high

Through the clouds, Zhenshiers yearn for blue sky

Learning is the source of innovation

Rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength

Zhenshier will not be a stickler for current steps

We strive to build learning enterprise

Let the pace of progress more robust


With passion

The eagle can fly

The dragon can swim

Passion is the driving force of Zhenshi culture

No matter how much wind and rain

Hardships and frustrations, glory and halo

Never change the enterprising passion of Zhenshiers

Every peak is Zhenshi new starting point

Forever young, pursuit don not end

Zhenshi recruitment: At present a total of 0 2 0 vacant posts.