In the field of new materials with fierce competition, why did Tongxiang grow into an industry leader?
Release time: 2019-03-04

Glass fibers have great development prospects in the field of deep processing, and have become one of the indispensable raw materials in different industries.

Products based on glass fiber production and processing are being more and more widely used. From single SMC composite door production to now covering four categories of thermosetting, thermoplastics, pultrusion products and SMC composite door, Huamei New Material Co., Ltd. under Zhenshi Group has been established for 15 years. With innovation as the core driving force, with new energy and new materials as the starting point, we have changed technological concepts, optimized the test process, and accelerated the transformation of technological achievements, thus forming a batch of independent knowledge. The achievements of scientific and technological innovation of property rights and the construction of a technological system of composite materials with advanced technology, excellent equipment and matching products have also made the development of enterprises embark on a path of sustainable development.

How has Huamei New Materials, backed by Jushi Group, the world's largest fiberglass manufacturer, found its own way in the field of composite materials in recent years? With the increasingly fierce competition in the field of new materials in the world, what kind of core competitiveness does Huamei New Materials strive for enterprises with large production scale, complete equipment, strong development potential and good growth? Recently, Xiaobian went into Huamei New Materials Co., Ltd. of Zhenshi Group and interviewed Guo Zhengxin, deputy general manager of the company.

Business card

Zhenshi Group Huamei New Material Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhenshi Holding Group, which is one of the top 500 private enterprises in China and the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China. In the fields of thermosetting, thermoplastics, pultrusion products, SMC composite doors and other high-performance composite materials, the company is determined to become a large-scale enterprise with full technical equipment, strong development potential and good growth in China's composite materials industry.


Re-branding and Market Exploration -- "Do the best for a product, rather than make it worse".


Xiaobian: Composite materials should be an emerging industry. Why did the company consider entering this field at that time?


Guo Zhengxin: In 2005, SMC composite door, as the end product of glass fiber industry, showed a broad development space in the United States. Its raw material is glass fiber. Jushi Group has scale advantage, production advantage and talent advantage in this field. In view of this, Zhenshi Group decided to establish Huamei New Materials Co., Ltd.


Xiaobian: From our initial point of view, our main product was SMC composite door, and now we have involved in four categories of products?


Guo Zhengxin: Yes. This is mainly because we are constantly exploring new product areas, on the other hand, we are constantly optimizing and adjusting our product structure.

At the beginning, our main product was SMC composite door. However, in recent years, the competition in this industry has become increasingly fierce. We insist on making our own brand and taking a differentiated and personalized high-end product line, so the scale of production and sales has not expanded much. At present, although we are also expanding the domestic market in engineering and other fields, because it is a new product after all, and the standardization of the domestic construction industry has not yet been popularized, we are still in the stage of water test in this respect.

In fact, not only SMC composite doors, but also traditional thermosetting products are becoming more and more competitive from the perspective of industry development at home and abroad in recent years. Many domestic companies have begun to fight price war. This is not the development situation we intended to see. We have always insisted on expanding the market by relying on brand influence. Therefore, in these two years, we have begun to phase out some products with low added value. Low-end products, will focus on high-end products with their own innovative advantages. For example, the communication cabinet products we produced in the district before are no longer produced at present. We always feel that to make a product, we must do the best. We can't occupy the market by reducing the quality and fighting the price war. We would rather give up this product than make the product rotten.

At the same time, in recent years, we have focused on lightweight, green, environmental protection and other fields, focusing on the development of new products, which should be said to have achieved some results. For example, in the field of new energy automobiles, we have seized the advantages of lightweight products. At the same time, the effect of lightweight weight is more obvious than before. Whether it is pultrusion products or thermosetting moulded products, such as SMC charging pile products, we have selected very lightweight SMC sheets. At the same time, according to some parameters of charging pile for special performance requirements, we have developed this kind of S. MC sheet material, SMC charging pile produced with this sheet material is about 30% less weight than before. For example, in the field of wind power industry, we have also launched new products in recent years, and successfully opened up these new fields.

It can be said that we have stepped out of a new material development road belonging to our own Huamei.


Seeking Development by Science and Technology -- "Today's New is Tomorrow's New, Not Advanced is Retrogression"


Xiao Editor: What do you think is the key core competitiveness for the company to stand out from the fierce field of composite materials and get out of its own way?


Guo Zhengxin: That's innovation. Innovation is the soul and lifeline of enterprise development. Zhenshi Group has always attached great importance to innovation. It can be said that the group should innovate every year, every time and everyone should innovate. As a company in the field of composite materials, innovation is also determined by its own development, which is crucial. It can be said that today

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