Zhenshi Holding Group: Strongly moving towards high-quality development!
Release time: 2019-01-08

In the process of China's economic development, 2018 is destined to be extraordinary.

In this year, the transformation of China's economy from "whether or not" to "good or not" has become more and more prominent. The transformation from "old kinetic energy" to "new kinetic energy" has been increasing, and the transformation from "accumulation" to "upgrading quality" is irresistible. It is also a year in which various challenges and uncertainties at home and abroad have increased significantly.

As an outstanding representative of private enterprises in Tongxiang, Zhenshi Holding Group has a strong response to the complicated world.

In the past year, the group has achieved new breakthroughs in new fields, new technologies and new equipment. The pace of internationalization strategy has been accelerating, big investment has taken part in the construction of "one belt and one road"; the green development has been unwavering, and transformation and upgrading have been speeded up through project construction and technological transformation. (

) Write a new chapter in the development of private enterprises.

Constructing High-level Industrial System to Achieve High-quality Growth

This is an exciting set of data: the latest estimated group operating data show that in 2018, the group merged to achieve a 15.55% increase in business income, 15.99% increase in business profits, 8.72% increase in operating cash flow, 25.55% increase in taxable fees, 7.39% increase in export earnings and 11% increase in employee per capita income.

Data is the most intuitive expression. Behind this set of data, the connotation of high-quality development is more.

Martensitic stainless steel, super austenitic stainless steel... In the product catalogue of Zhenshi Holding Group Dongfang Special Steel Co., Ltd., more and more special steel products with abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are appearing. In 2018, the production of high-precision and rare special steel has accounted for 36% of the total production of the enterprise, and the cumulative average of this data in 2017 is only 25%. Even some nuclear power enterprises have actively found Zhenshi Holding Group Oriental Special Steel Co., Ltd. in the hope that the enterprise can directly supply special steel. The adjustment of product structure promotes the increase of profit margin. Dongfang Special Steel not only has the increasing competitiveness in the domestic market, but also has a steady share in the European and Southeast Asian markets in export trade.

Oriental special steel originally produced 304 stainless steel, which is common in household appliances, but because of its little difficulty in production, it has long been trapped in the "Red Sea" of the price and channel. In order to reach a high point in the competition, it is necessary to have more competitive products. Oriental Special Steel aims at thinner, more heat-resistant, lower temperature-resistant, more corrosion-resistant and higher strength special steel. In the past six years, it has continuously developed high-value-added products, followed the path of differentiation and specialization, and opened up a new "Blue Sea".

The connotation of high quality growth is reflected not only in the adjustment of product structure, but also in the change of customer structure.

"We have occupied about 23% of the global market share in the field of wind power fiberglass fabrics, and become the first in the world." The responsible person of Zhejiang Hengshi Fiber Base Industry Co., Ltd. is proud to tell me that Hengshi has begun to enter the stage of "screening customers", and Hengshi has now become the world's leading manufacturer supplier in the industry.

The connotation of high-quality development is also reflected in the footprint of the group's green development. As early as 2010, Yushi Logistics began to carry out suspension transport, and gradually developed into today's quite unique suspension transport alliance. Utilizing the characteristics of the hang-off mode, the unit turnover and utilization rate of vehicles are continuously improved, and the empty driving rate of vehicles is reduced. At the same time, the energy consumption is reduced, and the win-win effect of economy and ecology is achieved. At the end of 2017, Yushi Logistics Multipurpose Terminal was successfully launched, which marked a new transformation of Yushi from a single road transport to land-water transport, opened a new era of multimodal transport in an all-round way, effectively enhanced the overall efficiency of the city's logistics transport services, and promoted green, low-carbon sustainable development.

The development concept of green environmental protection is being practiced in all fields of the group. Huamei company adopts low-carbon environmental protection technology with low pollution and loss, and implements clean production mode with low energy consumption, low emission and low pollution. As an enterprise which mainly produces reinforcing materials for wind power blades, Hengshi has been committed to producing green products. In the process of large-scale wind turbine blades, the quality of products is improved and service life is prolonged; Zhenshi Hotel has been adhering to the strict requirements of national green hotel standards since its opening, and has adopted a number of effective energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures in accordance with the principle of "recycling, reuse and substitution". It has been appraised as "Golden Leaf Green Hotel" and "Ten Best Green Tourism Hotels in Zhejiang Province".

Regardless of short-term data, Zhenshi Holdings Group upholds such a high-quality development concept, and continuously promotes both the quality and efficiency of the group's development.

Creating High Standard Innovation Engine and Achieving High Quality Innovation

Exploring Zhenshi Holding Group's courage to vigorously adjust product structure and customer structure and take the road of green development is the innovative force that enterprises constantly emerge.

On November 1, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics jointly announced the list of the third batch of single champion enterprises and single champion products in manufacturing industry. Zhejiang Hengshi Fiber Infrastructure Co., Ltd. was awarded the list of single champion demonstration enterprises in manufacturing industry.

The national single champion of manufacturing industry is the industry's commanding height in the field of subdivision and the embodiment of the core competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing industry. The listed enterprises are all outstanding in all walks of life.

Obviously, the honor of Hengshi deserves it. Last year, Hengshi's management ability and level have been significantly improved. The quality and ability of personnel and the process are excellent.

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