It's right at the door! Tongxiang's First Large Inland River Transport Terminal
Release time: 2017-10-16

On the morning of October 13, with a 36T cargo ship carrying 18 containers leaving Yushi Logistics Multipurpose Terminal, Tongxiang's first large-scale inland river transport terminal ushered in its first voyage.

Yushi Logistics Multipurpose Wharf is located on the west side of Yushi Logistics Park in Tongxiang Economic Development Zone (Gaoqiao Street). It has unique location advantages, convenient water transport geographical environment, east line where the wharf is located, north line of Hangzhou-Shenzhen line and south line of Hangzhou-Pingshen line. It can easily reach Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port or Chapu Port by water route. At the same time, there are 320 National highways, Shenjiahu Expressway, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway and other developed transportation networks around the multi-purpose wharf, and the surrounding collection and distribution conditions are convenient. This first voyage of goods for Jushi Group exports to the Middle East glass fibre products, will be transported by water from Tongxiang to Chapu Port.

It is understood that the first phase of Yushi Logistics Multipurpose Wharf has a total investment of 109 million yuan, with six 500-ton multi-purpose berths and a design annual freight volume of 3.7 million tons. The first phase is equipped with two 50-ton Rail Gantry Cranes and professional loading and unloading equipment. The rear area of the wharf has 19200 square meters of indoor storage space. It can provide container loading and unloading, grocery loading and unloading, dismantling and loading boxes, warehousing services, third party logistics and other logistics services.

As a regional public Wharf in Tongxiang, after its opening, the multi-purpose wharf will take into account the maximization of logistics efficiency and the minimization of logistics cost, give full play to the advantages of low cost, large volume, fast turnover and no overweight of waterway transportation, which can further alleviate the pressure of land transportation, reduce the logistics transportation cost of local enterprises and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, the multi-purpose wharf will rely on Yushi logistics's strong transport capacity and service network, based on Tongxiang, radiate the surrounding areas, effectively improve the service level of regional logistics industry, and promote the sustainable development of hinterland economy.

"Before the opening of the wharf, our goods were transported to Chapu Port or Ningbo Port by road. Now, after the road is changed into waterway, on the one hand, it can reduce our company's dependence on energy, reduce air pollution caused by road transportation, and at the same time, it can greatly reduce labor costs and improve transport safety." Shou Yanjun, general manager of Zhenshi Group Zhejiang Yushi International Logistics Co., Ltd., told reporters that in the first voyage of 36T cargo ship, 18 container trucks were needed to transport such cargo, and 18 light drivers were needed. Now, after the waterway reform, the average transportation cost will drop by about 25%. At the same time, due to the rational organization of cargo sources, the model of combining client-side swing transport mode with water transport will be effectively developed. The annual turnover of goods is 105,36480 tons kilometers, which is 5.97 times higher. In addition, the green economic effect of water transport has been further reflected, greatly reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions. It is expected that the energy consumption per unit turnover (100 tons km) will be reduced to 0.5 litres/100 tons km through land-water transport. After the freight volume reaches 200,000 TEU, Yushi International Logistics Terminal will save 1359.79 million litres of fuel per year, equivalent to 17,251 tons of standard coal, and achieve a reduction of 369.8634 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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