Chairman and president of the board of Zhenshi Holding Group

Comrade Zhang Yuqiang

Comrade Zhang Yuqiang,born on september 1995, is the CPC member and Professor of Engineer with master degree.Zhang Yuqiang is now the CEO of China Glass Fiber Co., Ltd, the president and CEO of Jushi Group, the President of Zhenshi Holding Group, the vice-chairman of China Building Material Federation, CHINA as well as the GLA.

Throughout the development of Zhenshi, it could be seen that the Zhenshi Culture which takes "good conduct, innovation, responsibility, Learning, enthusiasm"as core values runs through the company's development. The booming development of Zhenshi is benefited from the it's cultural influence .

People in Zhenshi believe the culture and enterprise are the human's spiritual and economic development source. The cultural ideology is always the strong support and spiritual source in Zhenshi's high development process .

The power of culture is endless.Zhenshi is now in the journey of "second evolution", devoted to establishing nationalized conglomerate with the characteristics of laying equal stress on primary and secondary industry, together with the diversified development. Wish all members' heart of Zhenshi could be bounded together under the influence of Zhenshi culture and fight for corporation's future.Besides, hope all splendid alien cultures could enrich Zhenshi's cultural connotation as well as building a more diversified, inclusive,and verdant cultural system.

Let's work hard and strive for 100-year dream of Zhenshi!


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